UpScale is Made in the USA

UpScale is Made in the USA

From her garage in Saint Joseph, Michigan, Lisa from the UpScale Scale shows us how the mechanism for an UpScale is assembled.

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UpScale isn't a simple hinge, meaning it does more than just rotate.  To move a scale from the stored position above the baseboard, to the use position on the floor, your scale needs to transition through 3 movements.  It does rotate 90 degrees, but in addition, its being lowers it 6 1/2 inches and pushed away from the wall 4 1/2 inches.  A complex mechanism is required.  This mechanism is made up of 6 parts and 7 rivets.  Each rivet acts as a pivot joint. 

Riveting is a cost effective and very robust method of joining parts.  Lisa shows us the steps it takes to rivet all 6 parts on her 1987 National Rivet Model 800 that she calls Rosie. 

At The UpScale Scale, we're the only manufacturer producing a bathroom scale storage device that also focuses on use.

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