Bathroom scale storage that's also ready to use

UpScale takes your scale from stored to use in seconds.


We call UpScale a scale storage device, but it's important to note that when designing it, we focused on use as much as we did on storage. Not everyone has place to leave a scale out all the time without tripping over it. Leaving it out might sound like the perfect solution for your scale, but is it still the best choice when you go to mop your floor? Is it collecting hair, dust and debris sitting out all the time?

What if your bathroom scale could be in a convenient location, was fast and easy to use and out of the way when stored? That's what UpScale does. Bathrooms that didn't have a place for a scale could now have multiple locations. It only takes a second or two to switch from the stored position to use and back. It can even be done one handed with just your fingertips. Using one hand and your fingertips greatly extends your reach meaning you don't have to bend over as far. UpScale gives you complete control so you can't bang it into a wall and makes it easy to gently place it on the floor. It can be in a convenient location, but it's never in the way, even where you walk. It's off the floor making mopping easier and it won't collect as much hair, dust and debris in the stored position.

We believe by having your scale where convenient and easy to use, you'll use it more and it will help you achieve your weight goals.

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