We've moved, and other 2020 news

We've moved, and other 2020 news

Predictions aren't what they used to be

Like most people, covid-19 has drastically changed our lives.  If someone had told me at the beginning of the year that by mid-2020, I'd be retired from my full time engineering job and relocated to upstate New York, I wouldn't have believed them.  Yet, that's what has happened.

I've worked in engineering for Whirlpool (the appliance manufacturer) for over 25 years.  My plans were to work about 5 more and then retire.  When I did retire,I always pictured retiring in a warm, tax friendly location.  Yet, here we are in New York.  Definitely not warm or tax friendly.  It is beautiful here in the Finger Lakes region, just not what I had imagined.

We've learned plans and priorities can change.  Moving to upstate New York was to be close to family.  Covid-19 taught us that being near family was more important than being warm in the winter or saving a few dollars in taxes.  UpScale will still be made in the USA, just not in Michigan.  Horseheads, NY is where we're setting up our operations. 

Future plans

Now that I'm retired, Lisa and I plan to focus more on our YouTube bathroom scale testing/review channel.  We still have some renovations to complete on the house before we can start filming.  It's an old house and needs a lot of work.  The bathroom needs the most attention.

Fortunately, we had a large supply of UpScales before the pandemic hit so we've been able to keep our store and Amazon fully stocked, even as demand has increased around upcoming holidays.  Having the parts manufactured in the US makes it easier to keep them in stock.  It can be difficult to get items from certain countries right now.  Here's to hoping there's a vaccine soon and this can all be behind us and things can return to normal.

We hope you're getting through the craziness of 2020.  Hope you're staying well and making the best of whatever comes your way!

Best Regards,
Brian Wood
Inventor | Co-Owner
Brian Wood of The UpScale Scale

"Weigh yourself effortlessly.
Stores your bathroom scale
in an inventive way."

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